Casual dating on the Internet is the big topic at But what does that mean anyway? Do you already know Literally translated, this means something like casual or informal appointments. Casual generally means first of all that no commitments are made. In the context of clothes, for example, this means dressing more casually. In the dating area, however, this refers to rendezvous that are erotic in nature, but for which there are no mutual obligations, as would be the case with a relationship. This trend comes, like so much from the USA, where casual dates and flirts are already quite common, especially in big cities. Now this new lifestyle is slowly spilling over to Europe. In France, where love is dealt with much more relaxed anyway, this concept is likely to be adopted much more quickly. In international comparison, the rather shy and conservative Germans generally find it a little harder because this contradicts everything that has been learned about decency rules.

However, society is changing. Everyday life is becoming more and more stressful, work takes up a very large part of our time and we do not have as much time as was perhaps the case 20 or 30 years ago. Everything is much faster moving. It is correspondingly more difficult to find a suitable partner and to get to know them properly, as the old moral rules dictate. Now it is the case that people have needs. In addition, society is becoming increasingly open and tolerant in all possible aspects of life. It is only a logical consequence that the topic of sex is also dealt with more relaxed, especially since one is now confronted with it around the clock by the media. A certain degree of acceptance is therefore inevitable. According to there are already 3.5 million people.

Whether you want to find that reprehensible or not, it is simply the case that there are many singles who are currently not in the mood for a permanent relationship, for whatever reason, but still do not want to do without a sex life. Incidentally, this does not only apply to classic singles. For example, newly divorced or freshly baked singles who have just had a very long partnership sometimes understandably have little motivation to get involved in the next firm bond. Especially in partnerships that have existed for a long time, e.g. several years, the crackling simply subsides over time, that’s just the way it is. From then on, things that are supposedly forbidden become all the more interesting, namely erotic adventures with someone else. Here too, without putting on the decent ruler, this is a natural desire that man has in him.

In the past, it was usually the case that once you followed the fleeting desire, that is, when there was a prohibited one night stand, there were exactly two extreme options. Either you are ashamed to death or you want more and build a strong bond with this person. It is not uncommon, however, that one of the two participants does not necessarily want the same thing as the other … What now? Casual dating is the golden mean, so to speak, and offers a previously unprecedented third option, namely that of not committing to anything. Until recently, something like this was not represented in people’s minds, but at least this is a real option. However, the question always arises when one should decide how the other sees it. Is he already familiar with this contemporary type of dating and is this also an option for him? While this is by no means socially accepted, it does not mean that many do not want this. One indication of this is the growing number of relevant literature. Fifty Shades of Gray is practically at the top of all bestseller lists. The weekly newspaper has presented the author, the “erotic queen” Inka Loreen Minden.

Another advantage is the Internet, which gives you the anonymity you need to be able to discreetly fulfill your desires and fantasies. The relevant providers and portals understand this request for discretion and have taken this into account in their system.

What are the options?
Since casual dating begins for the most part online, we can confidently ignore the other side effects. There are various portals on the Internet where you can search and find like-minded people. There are now also several different subcategories, which should be the topic again elsewhere. Basically a lot is possible here, but always with the top rule NOTHING MUST. Since it’s just casual, you don’t commit yourself to anything. That is why it is also helpful that on most portals you indicate on your own profile what you are looking for, what you are generally open to and what is taboo.

So the fronts are somewhat clear right from the start. It is up to you whether you just want to meet for a cup of coffee, just to see if there is a certain sympathy, or if you want to get to the point more directly. In principle, everything is possible. It is only essential that both agree, that should be the top priority. Of course, there is a certain physical component to the nature of the matter. It is therefore not surprising that well over half of all first encounters also end in sexual acts. Above all women, a certain connection beyond the edge of the bed is often important, if not always. Men are mostly about the famous one. This would confirm the big cliché, which also has its place in this context.

Who does that?
Well, who do you find on such relevant portals? Do I have to be prepared for the worst? Absolutely not. Most of the time you meet normal people there. Too bizarre is really only possible on very special niche sites. In principle, the average citizen can be found on the portals for the general public.

A study from 2013, reported by, nicely explained what it looks like in detail there. Typical stereotypes were worked out on the basis of Facebook profiles. Accordingly, there are three large groups of singles who are looking for contacts on the Internet. There is the group of singles who just want to take a look around, flirt a little and see what happens. So these approach the whole thing quite inexperienced. This is basically the typical single exchange user. Then there is the group that is serious and is really looking for a permanent partner for a lasting relationship. This is where the matchmaking comes into play. The last group is the one that interests us here. These are primarily sex seekers.

We divide these again into two groups, namely male and female. Here again it became clear that men are more interested in meat than women. The typical casual dater is based on some hobbies and preferences, such as the preference for series such as How I met Your Mother and The Simpsons. Well, now the question arises, what is special about it? Actually nothing. In addition, surveys were also carried out. And honestly, who is really honest on such a topic? Objective facts here are therefore still speculative in nature. But it is certain that the portals are full, so the demand is there accordingly, regardless of any surveys that are either correct or not.

Where do I have to search?

The suggestion that one should rather refrain from such rather new social and interpersonal experiments at work or in the close circle of friends is actually plausible. Something like that is supposed to happen, but then more by chance and as individual cases. Explicitly stalking here is not very advisable. In the offline area, i.e. in the bar or in the disco, the search for casual dating partners is extremely tedious. After all, you never know who is open to something like that. You have to be a master of seduction to be successful in this field. In big cities, this may be the best possible, as anonymity and choice are greater and people are generally more open to such new movements.

Searching the Internet is much more convenient, secure and, above all, more promising. On casual dating portals you get everything you need to find a crackling adventure that suits your preferences.

Is that something for me?
This is actually a fairly simple question. You just have to know what you want and how you are set up. If you are looking for a classic, romantic relationship with all the advantages but also all the obligations, then you should rather stay away from casual dating. If you are currently not looking for a serious relationship, but still do not want to do without physical closeness, then the matter is clear. How you imagine this and what you are looking for is almost irrelevant in the second instance, because there is now a corresponding online portal for almost all needs or a specific section within a portal. The possibilities today are almost fantastic compared to before.