Gas Powered Drone

gas powered drone

Introduction As far as remote-controlled planes go, Li-Po batteries are a safe bet. For this reason, electric motors are substantially less complicated than combustion gas powered drone, and they are far more efficient. You can only fit so much battery inside a plane before it starts to lose performance. Because of the high weight and … Read more

Drone Wind Resistance Levels

Drone wind resistance levels

Introduction It’s difficult to fly anything in the wind. Windy weather has always been a key difficulty for pilots in aviation history, regardless of the size of the aircraft. Any drone wind resistance levels tells us how well the drone can hold its location in the face of strong wind turbulence. Wind resistant drones Between … Read more

How To Stop Drones From Flying Over Your House?

How to stop drones from flying over your house?

Introduction In the future, drones may allow people to spy on businesses to find out their secrets. When you first see a drone sticking its head out of your building, you’ll undoubtedly want to do something about it right away. Some people go so far as to acquire guns in order to shoot down drones … Read more

How To Tell If A Drone Is Watching You At Night?

How to tell if a drone is watching you at night?

Introduction Drones are technological aircraft that can be controlled without a pilot. They have many purposes such as photography and filming, and aerial surveillance. Although technology came to help, still there exist individuals who use it with ill agendas. Some people are fond of invading others’ privacy. For instance, drones can be misused by spying … Read more