Ccleaner for Windows

As you work with Windows, a large number of error and garbage lines accumulate in its system registry: old program records, remote program records, settings for various applications and games, etc. All this begins to affect the performance of your computer over time. But there is nothing to worry about, because for such cases special programs for cleaning the computer have been invented for a long time.

Such Windows cleaner PC is one of the best programs for fixing errors in the registry and cleaning your computer from unnecessary files. In addition, this utility allows you to delete old and garbage entries from the registry, to optimize it, which positively affects the operation of Windows.

Such Windows 7 memory cleaner has excellent filters and finds more than 50 variants of varieties of errors and incorrect entries in the registry! The program also has a built-in manual mode for deleting any branch or key in the registry. The program, it is worth noting, is quite “smart” and creates a backup copy before the changes (in order to quickly return the registry to its original state if something happens).

Ccleaner for Windows XP and other versions of Windows is one of the most powerful hard drive cleanup programs. It is quite difficult to free up as much space by deleting files manually as it is possible with the help of this utility. There are several cleaning modes in such a program.

Quick cleaning: this section is suitable for you if you want to quickly and without hassle remove garbage from the disk and free up a bit of space on the HDD. All that is required of you is to click the mouse button once, which is quite convenient!

Deep cleaning: a more thorough scan of the hard drive to find everything that can and should be removed (recommended for those who have some experience in cleaning the PC).

System cleaning: a special section where you can delete various unnecessary Windows files. Such files include: help files, downloaded data, program installers cache, music samples, pictures, etc.

Defragmentation: fast and convenient disk defragmenter. A good alternative to the utility built into Windows. By the way, after cleaning the disk from garbage – I recommend to immediately defragment for maximum speed!

Quick optimization in 1 click: cleaning the registry, system, applications, shortcuts, RAM, etc. In general, a great tool for both a beginner and an experienced user;

It is also worth highlighting a number of useful functions: startup optimization; internet accelerator; accelerator of computer (laptop) performance; auto-cleaning and auto-updating software; recovery center and so on.

Many versions of cleaning programs also have a portable version: you can write the utility to any USB flash drive and speed up any computer to which you can connect a USB flash drive.

Such a powerful Windows Cleanup wizard, which allows you to clean a hard drive of garbage (temporary files, cache, old and empty folders, invalid shortcuts, etc.) with just a couple of mouse clicks will make your computer new after the first cleaning.