Holy Stone HS720E

Holy Stone HS720E Short Review

Holy Stone HS720E 4K EIS Drone provides digital image stabilisation a Sony image sensor and 4K video recording. It has a flight time of 22 minutes & a transmission range of around 900 meters and fast charging battery. The drone also has GPS, optical sensor, automatic return home and intelligent flight mode. It can be upgraded to the original HS720 drone which was also advertised as having a 4k camera but only took photographs. The reputable Holy Stone drone manufacturer provides drones with affordable low and good quality, though sometimes their claims and promises are overly optimistic.

Holy Stone HS720E Short Review


For those who want to get up to speed on the newest in drone technology, check out the Holy Stone HS720E 4K . GPS, optical flow sensor, autonomous return home, and intelligent flight modes are all included in this category.

An electronic image stabilization function, a Sony sensor and 4K video recording are also included. It flies for 22 minutes and has a transmission range of 900 meters. There is also a smart return in this model!

Original HS720

An improvement to the original HS720 is the Holy Stone HS720E (also known as the EIS 4K drones). This drone was also billed as having a 4K uhd, although it was only capable of capturing still photographs in 4K resolution.

However, despite some overblown claims, Holy Stone is one of the top brands for low-cost drones, and most of their drones do exactly what they say they would.

For those seeking for an affordable 4K drone, the HS720E 4K may be the answer.

A review of the Holy Stone HS720E quadcopter

I should point out that the drone’s appearance is nearly identical to that of its predecessor, with only a slight slimming.

The Holy Stone HS720E is a high-quality plastic drones with a premium feel to it, making it look and feel more expensive than it actually is. All-black color palette helps it look more futuristic, and it looks like what a modern consumer drone should be like.

If you live in the United Kingdom, Canada, or the United States, you will need to register the drone because it weighs less than 500 grams. It’s also not a very large drone, measuring 13.3*9.5*2.3 inches when unfurled and comes with a very premium-feeling travel case for commercial purposes.

A review of the Holy Stone HS720E quadcopter

Holy Stone HS720E Capabilities

The Holy Stone HS720E is a folding drone that’s ideal for traveling because of its small size and portability.

There are several additional capabilities provided by having a GPS-enabled drone, including the ability to track it properly on a drone app, which helps to reduce the chances of losing your drone flight time.

Additionally, the GPS system enables you to fly the drone independently through its smart (or sophisticated) flight modes, which reduces the chances of losing your drone.

The drone’s belly is equipped with an optical flow sensor that can be used in locations where GPS signals are weak. Even while this drone can be flown in an enclosed environment, due to its size, it will require a big and open area in order to perform at its best.

The Holy Stone hs720E, like most Holy Stone drones, contains LED lights on the underside of each rotor arm that make for a nice display when flying at night. In addition, they are useful for troubleshooting any issues that may arise and for indicating when the drone compass is fully calibrated with anti shake features.

In terms of flight time, the drone uses a 7.4v 2800 mAh lithium polymer clever battery, which is adequate for a drone in this price category. You get an extra battery with the drone flight time, which means you won’t have to wait for the battery to fully recharge before you can fly again.

There is no change to the remote controller, which is still powered by two AA batteries and is not included in the brushed motors drone package.

Despite the fact that this is a good drone, if you’re looking for more possibilities for $500 or less, follow the link below.

4K camera Holy Stone HS720E

Drones, as many of you know, are a big part of my life because of their cameras. View the world from a new perspective and discover locations you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to.

For the price, the HS720E drone comes with a decent camera, but it isn’t capable of taking professional-quality photos or videos.

4K camera Holy Stone HS720E

Holy Stone HS720E 4K Camera

4K video can be recorded at 25fps and the quality is decent, but some distortion can be seen around the borders. As a stationary camera, it has no gimbal, but it does have an electronic picture system that reduces shakiness and the jello effect, even if it doesn’t have one.

Sony’s image sensor is a first for a Holy Stone HS720E drone and demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation. High-quality photographs can be taken with the camera’s 4K capabilities.

Video footage at 4K quality must be recorded to a memory card, which can be inserted into a slot near the camera. You can use a Class 10 or above memory card with a maximum capacity of 128gb to store data. In the event that you do not have a memory card, the footage will be captured on your phone in 1080p HD.

Drone 4K EIS Holy Stone HS720E -Other Features

In addition to the intelligent flights modes that come with the drones, these are fun to experiment with and will help you shoot better images and videos.

These intelligent flight modes are included in the drone

In this mode, the drone will track your movements behind it by locking on to your smartphone.

Drones can be programmed to automatically orbit mode a target once they’ve been locked onto it.

Waypoint (also known as trajectory) is a fun flight mode to experiment with. Flying the drone is as simple as drawing a path on the app and then letting it take off and return to base automatically after flight time.

Best motor due to brushless motors!

Auto-return to-home functionality is included with the drone, in addition to the previously mentioned modes of flying. If you lose communication with the drone or the drone’s battery is low, this feature is enabled. There’s less chance of the drone going missing if it has flight time capability.

These intelligent flight modes are included in the drone

Performance in the air

The HS720E EIS 4K drone performs admirably for a Holy Stone model, flying, hovering, and operating with ease. As your flying skills improve, the drone offers a variety of speed settings so that you may test your abilities, flight time and it can transmit HD video.


I’m blown away by this drone, especially its ability to record 4K video. It has a lot of fascinating characteristics, like a long flight length, automatic homecoming by GPS signal, flight time and image stabilization via electrical means.

Although it’s a little pricey compared to other similar drones, like the MJX B7 or B20 EIS, I think it’s worth the money. Find out more by clicking the icon below.