How To Find A lost Drone?


There is nothing worse than losing your beloved drone in the sky and never being able to find it again. Battery failure or software error could be to blame. A drone with no tracking device makes things even worse.

In the next post, we will explain to you why your drone has been lost and how to find a lost drone, as well as provide you advice on how to avoid losing it again. Let’s get started right away!

How To Find A lost Drone?

Flight logs

How to find a lost drone? Restart your drone immediately if it loses control of the controller and the video feed begins to fail. A drone’s live video feed or flight logs is the first thing to go when it leaves the control range of its operator.

The visual feed on your controller has been cut, but you may still be able to communicate with your drone. Just repeat the previous procedure in this case. Head in the direction of where you last saw your drone. You need to get closer to it so that you can regain control of it.

You’ll be able to see your drone return to you as soon as the video feed is operating again.

What are the reasons for Drone Loss?

First, let’s go over the reasons why you can lose your drone before we get into how to retrieve it.

Inability to Make a Connection

The most typical reason for a drone to go missing is because of this issue. As if it happened in the worst conceivable place: above a body or amid deep woodlands, high up on a mountain, or near a body.

An Error in the Software or Hardware

Flyaways can occur from time to time, but this is not a typical occurrence. In rare situations, a drone may fall to the ground because of a failure.

Running low on power.

One of our most evasive circumstances. Monitor your battery and make sure it is completely charged before boarding the plane.

A return-to-home option is common in many drones, especially the more expensive models. Make sure you don’t lose your drone due of a low battery with this method. When the battery is full, it will return home.

Although it is necessary to keep the plane from flying too far from home.

Running low on power.

Inadequate Weather for Flight

Another reason to avoid flying your drone is bad weather. While flying, your drone may become inoperable due to the effects of wind and rain. High above the ground, the weather can change swiftly.

There are built-in safety mechanisms that prevent you from flying in bad weather. When flying DJI drones in beginner mode, they won’t take off if the wind is too strong.

Without a Tracker, How to find a lost drone?

Search for it with another drone.

In this day and age, where drones are used to locate missing hikers, rescuing a lost drone by utilizing a second drone is actually an excellent idea.

This second drone doesn’t matter how old it is. There’s no harm in having a working camera and a range of at least a few feet. To acquire a bird’s-eye view of the landscape, use this drone. Search the grass, water, rocks, or roofs for anything that stands out.

It’s a good idea to utilize a second drone as a rescue drone when drones are assigned to find lost hikers. No matter how old the second drone is, it’s useless.

There’s no need to worry about how old the drone is if it can fly at least a few feet away from its controller with an operational camera.

The second drone can be utilized to get a bird’s-eye view of the landscape. Look for anything that stands out in the grass, water or rocks as you make your way through the area.

Once nightfall comes, you may check to see if your drone’s battery is charging. Make a series of circles around the region where the first drone went down. A flashing light from the drone should be easy to notice.

Check the last known location of your drone.

Despite the fact that your drone’s battery has run out, there is still hope. Again, please do not turn off your controller.. A few drone controllers keep track of the drone’s most recent location. In the event that this is the case, use your phone’s GPS to locate the coordinates.

Although you’ll still have to actively search for it, the scope has been much reduced. When using an app to control your drone, check the settings to see what the last known location was. On your phone or on the drone app itself, this is usually saved.

How to find a lost drone-Check the data from the telemetry system.

Telemetry information is typically displayed at the bottom of most displays and app monitors. These features are common to most controllers, such as the iPad’s touchscreen or a hardware controller.

When you notice that you’re losing connectivity, pay close attention to the telemetry data. Using this feature, you can see where your drone has been flying and how far it is from the last point of connectivity.

Telemetry viewer counts should begin to decrease as soon as the drone returns to its starting point when the Return to Home button is pushed.

This signifies that you’re in the best of hands. On the other hand, if the distance figures don’t change after you press the Return to Home button, this means either the return-home button doesn’t work.

The drone is grounded somewhere, or you have entirely lost drone contact with the unit and it is continuing flyaway drone. (but most likely in the general direction where you last saw it going on the telemetry viewer).

Use the Boosted Signal Return Home Mode.

The controller’s Return Home Mode button should be the first thing you try. If you are inside its range, the drone will begin to return. The ideal situation would be this. Lost drone, on the other hand, can be a real pain.

It is possible to amplify the controller’s signal by acting as a satellite. The controller might be placed in a large, clean pot and pointed toward the drone.

Satellites, drone range extenders and signal boosters, as well as remote controller antennas, can all be used in the finest possible form of this technology. The drone’s range will be extended if it is still in flight and powered on.

Using the Find My Drone App,

Find My Drone, a free iOS app, connects your iPhone to your drone. Even if your drone is out of range, this software will help you locate it.

Using this app, you can find your drone and get in touch with it. The MAVlink protocol is used to perform this wizardry. This protocol is commonly employed by free and open-source autopilot applications.

You can see exactly where your drone is by using the app’s map feature. Additionally, the battery level and current status are also shown in the app.. In the event of a power outage, the app will remember your last known location.

Telemetry or autopilot can also be used to hunt for your drone manually. Find My Drone estimates your drone’s bearing based on the last known location of your device.

Take a Look at Your Controller’s Telemetry.

No matter what type of device you use to operate your drone (smartphone or remote), all apps and displays have access to the same information.

For a drone that is either down or hovering, it’s a good idea to keep track of its location and flight history. Always ensure that you dont use a drone without a tracker.

Flight logs data from the drone’s telemetry can tell us how far it flew and in which direction it was heading before it went astray.

Drones can be tracked by following their flight path, especially if they are flying away from the drone pilot. Avoid drone without a tracker.

It’s possible to use these telemetry numbers to assist in your search if the drone can be reconnected. Approaching it should shorten the time it takes to cover the remaining distance.

These kinds of scenarios are ideal for this functionality. Telemetry data is a fantastic choice. There are a number of ways in which this information can be used to narrow down a specific area where it was or was when it went missing.

Users can see exactly where they were and where they were going when they lost drone communication.

Analyze the Flight Recorder and the Last Position Known

Anyone who loses their drone can take use of this option. However, pilots who have lost drone their drones due to a low battery charge will find it most useful. Always use flight records.

The last known location of the drone can be saved by remote controllers before the device is disconnected. A search team can use this information to narrow their focus on the correct place.

In addition, you may look at the flight history of a drone. It is possible that these coordinates are the same as the last known ones. However, you can utilize them if they are from the latest flight logs.

In order to use these coordinates, a GPS tracker device or the GPS tracker on your smartphone will be required.

Searching for the location might begin after that. In spite of having to make the search on your own, you’ll have a solid sense of where you’re headed.

Detect metal with a metal detector.

If your drone gets lost drone in a field of tall grass, you can use this approach to find it. You may not even see your drone when it’s right in front of you.

Having a cheap metal detector on hand could be helpful if your drone has a lot of metallic components, such motors.

Metal detectors have been used by treasure hunters for decades. Searching for the missing drone is an excellent idea.

Metal detectors can be borrowed at your local hardware store or purchased on Amazon for a fraction of the price. I enjoy the TK4 Tracker from Bounty Hunters. It’s convenient and has a wide range.

How to find a lost drone- Ask the locals

There you go, you’ve done your due diligence and employed a metal detector to look for clues. Despite this, your drone is nowhere to be found. Also involve the drone community.

The drone is most likely to have landed in the yard of a homeowner in a densely populated region. The man who just lost his beloved drone can make a sorrowful face and ring some bells to ask locals if they’ve heard or seen any drones crash in the area.

We underestimate the generosity of human nature. If your drone has landed in someone’s yard, they’d be happy to return it to you, perhaps after giving you a heads-up.

Thank them for their generosity, and resolve to be more careful the next time around.

Report the theft of a drone to the authorities.

Also, if you’ve lost your drone, you can call the police. Anyone who finds it can contact the station, and you may get a phone call as a result.

It’s possible to register your drone with the FAA if it weighs more than 0.55 lb and you’re located in the United States. Tell the cops to include your FAA number if this is the case.

If your drone is found and misused, you could face major legal consequences. However implausible, there is no harm in trying.

What to do if your drone is lost over water?

The most difficult place to lose a drone is in the sea.

Drones are not able to go for a swim. It’s also possible to place the drone in rice overnight in shallow water if it’s safe to get in there.

If your drone is lost in a huge lake or river, you may need to reduce your losses, especially if you have a tracking device.

What can I do to make sure I don’t misplace my drone?

You never know when you’ll misplace one of your drones or another one of your drones. If you want to avoid this, here are some suggestions.

Invest in a GPS tracker device.

This is your best option. It will save you time and effort in the future by allowing you to quickly locate the downed drone.

Return home

This feature is found in nearly all drones. Set this feature as soon as your drone is put together. Drones using this feature could be saved from multifunctioning.

That, too, can be accomplished through the use of a mobile application.

The app that came with your drone should be installed as soon as possible on your phone. Even if it doesn’t, it will allow you to track your drone.

Keep it in your mind.

Even if you’re flying your drone at night or during the day, it’s a good idea to keep it visible. You’ll be able to find the drone quickly if it crashes or something goes wrong. When flying at night, this is extremely critical.

Proper lighting

When flying a drone at night, proper lighting is essential. You’ll want to keep it in the public eye.

Frequently Asked Questions concerning Lost Drones

Is there a fee for reporting a lost or found drone?

No. No. It’s a good idea because the authorities will have your contact information if someone presents it to them.

My drone was stolen a few months ago. What now? If the drone was stolen, should I submit a police report?

Even if your drone has been missing for a long time, it may still be found or sought after by a different individual.

Do my search posters have to include every one of my contact details, such as phone numbers and email addresses?

We don’t advocate filing a Found Drone Report for anyone who have found a drone. Using an intermediary like a police officer is usually preferable to directly contacting a person. You can always use lost drone posters.

If you’re filling out a missing drone Report, consider including a phone number where you can be reached by text messaging. If you are under the age of 18, you should not give out your parent’s phone number.

If a drone is lost, can it be tracked?

Use DJI’s “find a lost drone” feature…. If your drone is a high-end model, you may be able to connect.

Please note that if your remote controller’s telemetry information, including distance and direction, does not update as you move about, it indicates that your drone and remote controller have lost communication.

Does a drone’s GPS tracker system allow it to be tracked?

Advanced GPS systems, sophisticated Autopilots and top-of-the-range 4k cameras are standard on all drones. All of the drones listed below have a “follow me” feature.

Why did my drone fly away?

Anything that compromises the connection between the drone and its controller can lead it to fly away. If you fly too close to or too far away from a source of electromagnetic interference, you may end up in the air.

Flying near huge objects and in the weather can have an impact on signal strength.


Regardless of whether you’re using the drone for aerial photography or just for enjoyment, there will always be a risk of flying. At any time, your drone could vanish. Hopefully, this post will help you locate your drone quickly and share it with others who may be in need of its support.

In order to keep your drone safe, we recommend utilizing one of these trackers.