How to Speed up your Computer and Fix Windows Slow Startup

A slow booting Windows is a common problem that many computer users suffer from. We have mentioned repeatedly in our posts that every program should not be allowed to run as Windows starts. It can get really competitive when a number of programs try to prioritize their startup. While the best solution is to just refrain from installing and allowing every program to have access in system tray, what should you do once you have already made the mistake by choking the startup. There are two basic ways to disable programs from running with Windows.

  1. Disable with Windows msconfig Utility

Windows provides a native utility called msconfig (type msconfig in the Search or Run command). From here you can stop Microsoft or third-party services that run in the startup. Just take care that you donпїЅt stop a program whose function you are not sure about. In case you wrongly disable a service, errors will pile up in the system after which you will have to restore the Windows to an earlier time.

How to Boost System Startup

2.Fix with Registry Cleaners

A more user-friendly way of boosting the startup is by using registry cleaners. Most of them come with this utility where you can easily edit startup programs without getting into the bland features of msconfig. You can see in the below image, PC Health Boost is stating a list of all startup programs, from where you can delete the ones that are not essential.