mfc71.dll Error

Fix mfc71.dll Errors on Your Slow PC

The mfc71.dll is a crucial file for Microsoft Visual Studio and any program or application that uses it. Usually, the error message is caused by a missing file, so to fix mfc71.dll youll need to repair or replace the dll.

mfc71.dll was not found

Youve probably received this message because the file was either corrupted or accidentally deleted by you or a program.

Sometimes a bad installation or uninstallation is the cause. Because so many programs use this file, it might be difficult to pin down which program might be the cause. However, if your error occurs during a specific program, then that program is the most likely culprit.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the program to see if that fixes your error.

Download the Most Recent Version of the Program

It is best to be certain that your program is up to date.

Download any updates, service packs, or patches to the faulty program. It might be possible that the error has been corrected in the recent update.

Install any pending Windows updates. Sometimes updates will include repairs and patches to registry and.dll files.

If your error message contains a message including the bcmwltry.exe file, then youll need to reinstall your Broadcom wireless network card drivers. This is a known issue, so if this is the nature of your error, be certain to follow the download instructions on the Broadcom website.

Upgrade or update your Internet Explorer. Malfunctions can occur when using older versions of IE.

Clear Your PC of Viruses

Viruses are always likely, especially if you browse random sites frequently. To prevent virus infection, keep a high security firewall up at all times. Sometimes the restrictions can be annoying, but its always better to be safe than sorry.

Run a deep scan on your computer a few times a month. This will help delete suspicious files that like to bunch up in your Temp folders and system registry.

Although there are several free antivirus software programs on the internet, they are often more specialized and slightly less user friendly. If you are new to antivirus programs, I suggest buying a medium range program to help you stay virus-free.

Keep your registry clean of corrupted files and resource-hogging fragments. You can download a registry cleaner to fix mfc71.dll errors. A registry cleaner will replace and repair missing, infected, or corrupt system files.