Signs of PC Registry Clutter

You are being told repeatedly on many forums that you should clean your registry and that there are many ways of doing it, but nobody really gets into the symptoms that a PC shows when it is in need of some serious registry cleanup. The registry has ways of telling you that it is not feeling so good and is stuffed up to its ears in files. Most of the times, these signs are not subtle, they are displayed in the form of ringing errors and the truly terrifying blue screen of death. That is why we highly recommend to take rescue measures and install a registry cleaner before things start shaking up. Below you can find a collection of signs that point to registry clutter:

  1. Visual C++ and other Runtime Errors

A runtime error shows up when there is a problem that is preventing a program from running. These errors or bad entries are usually residing in the registry and are building the clutter. A runtime error can also result in corruption or loss of data in the file that was open, it will not shut down the system but it will definitely arrest all processing in the open program. Read the article How to fix Visual C++ and other Runtime Errors, to find the reasons and solution for this error.

2.DLL, EXE and Application Errors

When you find that your machine is being stalled by a truckload of error messages that have DLL and EXE scattered in popups, it is a warning sign that registry is stuffing up on bad entries and coughing up all these errors in return. A DLL allows interaction between the programs, the user and the devices. DLL (Dynamic Link Library) error occurs when the DLL file is corrupt or missing.

Similarly an EXE or Application error takes place when there is issue in the program code or a broken link in the software files. A very popular EXE error is the SVCHOST.EXE error seen by many users of Windows XP.

You can get more information on this error and its troubleshooting in How to fix DLL Errors.

3.Screen Freeze Error

There is no second opinion on this, it is one of the most stubborn errors that one comes across. During a screen freeze, all life stands still and there is absolutely nothing that you can do to get the PC out of its trance. This could happen due to many reasons, but most of them either directly or indirectly relate to registry errors. To help you in solving this unwelcome situation, read How to Fix Screen Freeze Problem in Windows.

4.Blue Screen or Stop Error

The nightmarish blue screen of death error is seen when there is a critical problem with Windows and it has been temporarily dumped to prevent any long-lasting damage. A blue screen is seen frequently in a system whose registry is overstuffed and error-ridden. To explore your options for this error, read the article How to fix the Blue Screen of Death Error.

5.Slow Startup of Windows

When thousands of files are hoarded in the registry, it translates to a loss in startup speed. Why does that happen? As we have explained in How the Windows Registry becomes Cluttered, the configuration settings are stored in registry which decide how the Windows will start. When the clutter in registry increases, you will see a slow and jerky startup where each item takes considerable time to load. A registry cleaner can easily solve this problem by deleting the entries that are blacking out your PC. Read more in How to Boost System Startup.

6.Malware and Viruses

In an unprotected system, malware and viruses can slow down the little speed your system has left. As these infections work in the background, they use up system resources and do not leave processing space for other important programs. For more information on how to fix these nasty space-invaders, read How to Remove Malware.

7.Slow Windows Shutdown

It can get truly annoying when you have to wait for the system to shut down, one can probably bear a slow startup more easily but a slow shutdown is like the machine is taking pleasure in your misery. You can check out the solutions to this problem in How to Fix a Slow Shutdown.

Irrespective of what kind of errors you are being treated to, only the super-curious computer users will have the interest in exploring the many complicated and difficult solutions to solving them. We will recommend that you always try the simplest and the most effortless solution to all these errors and speed bumps, and that would be Registry cleaners. They are cheap, reliable and faster than all the manual processing that you will do. So make the smarter choice!